The Penn Clinic was established nearly 40 years ago by the clinic founder Caroline Penn.

Caroline’s philosophy of patient care:

 “When I started the clinic in 1979 I was still recovering from serious head injury. I determined to establish a clinic where patients would feel at home and be heard on two levels; both their verbal description of their problems and their body’s inner message.

I knew that cranial osteopathy would comprise a major part of what I wanted to make available to patients, but I also realised that there is no one answer to everything; we need to be open to whatever is needed for individuals at the particular time we are working with them.

I have benefited hugely myself from an integrated approach to my own recovery and am proud that the clinic is able to offer such a wealth of talent and professionalism.”




Qualified from the BSO in 1979 with an honours diploma. Began post graduate studies in cranial osteopathy immediately and was invited to join the BSO post-graduate faculty in 1982. Since then Caroline has been involved in teaching osteopathy at undergraduate and post-graduate levels and in many countries including Germany, France, Switzerland, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, USA. Caroline is a qualified teacher and established an accredited teacher training programme specifically for osteopaths in 1993.

Caroline is a founder member of The Sutherland Cranial College (an independent cranial teaching faculty). Also a founder Osteopath with the Osteopathic Centre for Children (Now The Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy). Caroline is also an instructor with The HANDLE Institute.

DO(Hons), MSc, FSCC, PHI

Caroline completed a Masters degree in Osteopathy in 2003 undertaking research with infants under three months old with breathing difficulties.

Caroline is an authority on problems in babies and has worked with infants in special care baby units in Hertfordshire and London, and collaborated with audiology services in Hertfordshire for glue ear problems in children.

Caroline has been a member of the BSSCMD (British Society for the Study of Cranio-Mandibular Disorders) for more than 20 years and has pioneered working osteopathically with dentists and orthodontists. She has a close working relationship with a number of dentists and orthodontists.

Caroline has also taken further study in areas which include, gestalt psychotherapy, traumatic and disc injuries, sleep problems, scoliosis and neurodevelopmental and behavioural issues see HANDLE.  Caroline is a fully qualified HANDLE Practitioner & instructor since 2012.

 Caroline’s Insights
I enjoy working with patients across their whole life span, from birth through to the winter years. I place an emphasis on preventative care which had fired my enthusiasm for working with infants and for helping people throughout life to understand their body and be pro-active in maintaining their own health.

I live life to the full and have researched solutions to my own health problems which began with serious head injury in 1977. I never cease to be amazed at the healing power of the body and the incredible changes that osteopathy can achieve. I have great respect for the different healthcare disciplines and pride myself on seeking out the best complementary approaches and therapists to enhance our osteopathic work at the clinic. With tough cases, or those wanting to push themselves to higher levels of health and fitness, working as a team offers so much more than one practitioner alone can achieve.

Caroline’s Passions
I love walking in wild places especially mountains, swimming in lakes and rivers, gazing across wide vistas, singing, playing my clarinet, dancing, cycling and spending time with my family and friends.




Qualified from the BSO in 1971 and was amongst the first osteopaths to study cranial osteopathy. He spent nearly two years circumnavigating the globe in 1973-4, during which time he experienced many different approaches to healing. After spending 6 months working in Australia he returned to England and brought osteopathy to Ross-on-Wye & Hereford in 1975.


Nicholas enjoys seeing a wide range of patients from infants through to the very senior. Helping patients with challenging problems has inspired him to study various topics including infant cranial anatomy. His paper The Osteopathic Management of Children with Down's Syndrome, published in the British Osteopathic Journal in 1988, still commands global interest for its pioneering ideas. Nicholas has become a worldwide authority on the human skull. This led naturally to his work with infant Flat-Head Syndrome, a topic on which he lectures widely in the UK and abroad.

Nicholas is also known for his work in post-traumatic and post-surgical rehabilitation and he has pioneered osteopathic approaches to problems such as whiplash, slipped discs, neurological impingement and ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) recovery. He enjoys helping senior patients maintain their independence – which he says, can be as simple as keeping their legs mobile. We grow old from the feet up!

Nicholas is a qualified teacher and has taught at many osteopathic schools including BSO, ESO & BCOM. He is mainly known for his post-graduate teaching; in 1993 he co-founded the Sutherland Cranial College, the independent post-graduate educational institution for teaching the cranial concept to fully qualified osteopaths. He also lectures to other healthcare professionals including doctors and dentists.

Nicholas is an osteopathic consultant at the Penn Clinic.

Nicholas’s insights
Nicholas has an investigative mind and an eye for detail. He pioneered a new approach to cranial osteopathy as a result of studying quantum physics which he wrote about in his book ‘Anatomy of Potency’, which explains in layman’s terms the scientific evidence behind existence and the healing process which could be at work during osteopathic treatment. ‘Anatomy of Potency’ has been translated into French, Italian and German and Nicholas enjoys sharing his insights in lectures on this topic to fellow osteopaths in the UK, USA & Europe.

Nicholas’s passions
Nick loves the human form and marvels in its many scientific and artistic representations. He runs to keep fit – being the veteran of the Osteopath Team GB 10K runners in London which he completed alongside his marathon champion daughter Bethany. He is also a keen cyclist and enjoys independent travel on his Dawes bike in hilly regions of the UK but more especially where it’s warm in France.