Caroline Penn is giving one-hour talks to SPACE parent support groups at 10am


Friday September 15th 2017  Hatfield     http://www.spaceherts.org.uk/hatfield.html


Friday December   8th 2017  St Albans    http://www.spaceherts.org.uk/albans.html


Monday December 11th 2017  Stevenage  http://www.spaceherts.org.uk/stevenage.html



2018 January or February date to be announced

A One-Day Introduction to the HANDLE® Approach

To book a place or express interest please email caroline@pennclinic.co.uk
(if you cannot email please phone 01707 274148)


Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopment & Learning Efficiency

Professionals £90, PARENTS £70
SPECIAL offer - two people may book for the price of one

To download course flyer click here


This course is a hands-on, interactive introduction to HANDLE and how this unique, comprehensive and simple approach can help people understand the root causes of neurodevelopmental differences including: 

Autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, brain injury, language delay, Tourette's Syndrome, behavioural difficulties and more ….

Comments about the course from previous participants: 

'I gained further understanding about HANDLE and further understanding about myself! I really enjoyed experiencing other feelings after doing the activities.  The instruction was very clear with everyone being well looked after too.'

'Clear and interactive with useful examples of how to use the activities.'

'I really enjoyed the informality of the course and Caroline's knowledge & experience.'

'I now better understand HANDLE and the cause of the problems we experience and how to better support autism and sensory behaviours.'

'Very informative and easy to ask questions.  Easy to see how it can be used practically with my own child straight away.  Lovely atmosphere.'

The course offers an effective, holistic and non-medicine approach for all ages. You will learn fun and inexpensive therapeutic activities that can be used at home, school or work.

To download course flyer click here

To find out more see  http://www.handle.org/ & http://www.pennclinic.co.uk/ 

 You will learn skills which include:

  • Understanding Behaviours such as fidgeting, thumb sucking, aggression
  • Why are we distracted or have trouble paying attention
  • Why stress prevents learning
  • How to enhance learning without stress
  • How what we eat affects learning
  • The things inside and outside our body that affect learning and quality of life
  • HANDLE Activities including Crazy Straw

Saturday 24th September 9.00 – 5.00 pm 

Professionals £90  PARENTS ONLY £70 including refreshments

SPECIAL OFFER: two people may book together for the same price as one

At: Oxlease Hall, Travellers Lane, Hatfield

Caroline Penn DO, MSc FSCC, PHI  Osteopath & HANDLE Practitioner writes:

HANDLE engages with children and adults whilst allowing them to be themselves; we begin to understand what their systems need to develop optimally by observing their behaviours.

The simplest of observations gives huge amounts of information – such as the child who fidgets, walks on their toes, can’t hold a pencil or tie shoe laces, has difficulty focussing, can’t find things, can’t get to sleep, falls out of bed, bumps into people & things, speaks loudly.  All of these are precious clues which guide us to choose activities to help fragmented neurodevelopmental systems to integrate.

Children and adults whose symptoms require frequent visits to the osteopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist or other healthcare professional may benefit.  This includes headaches, backache, hypermobility chronic fatigue, poor sleep, tinnitus, dizziness, balance issues & scoliosis.


Also teaching on the course  Alex Bidlake-Corser  DO M Ost  Osteopath