Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopmental and Learning Efficiency



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An effective non-drug approach for identifying and treating most neurodevelopmental disorders. HANDLE® was developed by the late Judith Bluestone, Neurodevelopmental/Educational Specialist, as a result of her personal struggles to overcome her own neurodevelopmental differences. HANDLE incorporates research and techniques from disciplines including Montessori, Bates, Bobath, Tomatis, Irlen, Piaget, Werner, Laban, Fernauld, Slingerland and more.

HANDLE does not use labeling, but develops a unique profile of each individual’s neurodevelopmental functions, looking for those areas in which the flow is obstructed and alleviating the blockage. HANDLE maintains that most so-called ‘behaviours’ are adaptations to neurodevelopmental differences and individuals show, by their behaviours, what their own system needs in order to function.

Stressed systems are not available for learning and efficient function. HANDLE emphasizes the principle of GENTLE ENHANCEMENT® of functions to strengthen the nervous system without causing overload and the resultant ill-effects produced when nervous systems are stressed.

The recommended activities are simple, requiring virtually no special equipment. Each activity programme is specially designed to meet the individual’s needs.

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