Not Just Backs!

Date: 9/2/2019


Shoulders can be very bothersome and painful; osteopaths are trained to examine and treat lots of different types of shoulder conditions.

Painful shoulders can have a big effect on our daily lives, be it stopping you doing things you enjoy or even sleeping and housework!

Many of us hold tension and stress in the muscles around the neck, upper back and shoulders and this often benefits from some relaxing osteopathic techniques.

The most common issue with shoulders is rotator cuff problems and the rotator cuff is involved in an estimated 70% of all shoulder problems.

Osteopaths can help address these issues with stretching and mobilisation techniques to the shoulder joint itself as well as the upper back and neck, we can also work to address any muscle imbalances in the shoulder with hands on treatment and advice regarding the best stretches and exercises to do at home.

The second most common shoulder issue we see is subacromial pain syndrome, this used to be known as impingement syndrome. This is a painful shoulder problem often with symptoms when reaching above your head or lifting the arm to the side. It was formerly believed that the arm bone squeeze on the soft tissues of the arm causing pain, however, this has been shown to be a normal part of movement in healthy shoulders and occurs in lots of other joints without pain.

We know that shoulders benefit greatly from movement and exercise the saying goes “motion is lotion” osteopaths are well placed to help reduce joint stiffness and muscular tightness. Our aim is to reduce your pain and give you the confidence to move freely again.

If you feel like you would benefit from a thorough assessment and personalized treatment plan we would be more than happy to help you.

This mini blog was written by Andrew

Andrew MacMillan MOst PGCME, is one of our osteopaths, when not in the clinic Andrew teaches exercise rehabilitation including seminars on management of shoulder problems for qualified osteopaths.


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