Treating the Little Humans

Date: 6/6/2019

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We seem to have been posting a lot recently about the smallest of our patients! This may be down to Alex having a 16 month old, or, it may be down to the fact that they are so much fun when they come to the clinic! Many parents are a little worried about how the treatment will go as babies are yet to understand schedules and toddlers – well, they don’t like to be still for long!

Luckily, as the Penn Clinic has been around for 40 years we have many tactics during treatment on how to best examine and treat the little ones with no tears!

 For the babies we tend to get them comfortable being held by their parent, sometimes their osteopath will hold them for part of the appointment. If the baby becomes hungry we are more than happy for them to be fed during their treatment.

The toddlers become a little bit more of a challenge but a challenge we relish – we examine their movements through play mainly. And all the practitioners that work here have quickly become skilled at treating whilst on the move. This is why Alex is mainly found in very stretchy jeans at the clinic – she crawls around on the floor - A LOT!

If there really is a need to be still for part of the appointment then we get out lots of books and toys for entertainment and put the parents to work being children's entertainers for a time!

Very rarely a child doesn’t want to be treated and becomes upset – in these instances we try our usual tactics to calm them – Kim often gets the bubbles out for further distraction and to help the child relax. If the child does become very upset then we just stop the appointment. Play instead. Have a giggle. Then try another day when, hopefully, they feel more at home.

Here is a Pic of Andrew working with Sebastian to assess his mobility….


Children - Challenging, hilarious, busy – but – Oh so FUN!