What do people come with?

People come to osteopaths with all types of problems through the whole body from head to toes!  Here are some of the reasons why people seek osteopathic help:


They have been recommended by others who have found osteopathy helpful

They have been referred by their doctor, dentist, podiatrist, midwife or other healthcare professional.

They are looking for a natural way to get better.

They don’t want to take drugs

Their doctor, dentist, specialist or other healthcare professional has not been able to help


People come to osteopaths for a wide range of problems, much more than just backache and joint pain. Symptoms can be very acute and sudden or chronic long-term, it could be an ache, pain or other discomfort or more a question of feeling well enough to enjoy life and doing the things you want to do.


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The Advertising Standards Authority ASA require blinded randomised controlled trials (RCTs) to prove what we do, otherwise we cannot make statements about conditions for which people seek help.