Within about 1 month of starting the HANDLE program, we could see a real change in our son

A few lines to let you know what impact the HANDLE activities have had on my son:-

He has difficulties with learning, communication and social skills. He has had an individual education program (IEP) since starting nursery and he is seen by speech therapists, a dermatologist and a paediatrician on regular intervals.

He is eight years old and was introduced to the HANDLE program about a year ago. He enjoys doing the exercises and wants to be good at them. Within about 1 month of starting the program, we could see a real change in him. He could maintain eye contact for longer and take part in a conversation, whereas before he would have said what he wanted to say and ignored what was being said to him. His tutor commented that he was able to concentrate better and stay focussed for longer. Situations that would normally have caused him to lose his temper or get really upset, such as losing a toy or not being able to fix something, he could now deal with more calmly, looking for a solution rather than it being the 'end of the world'. The main change that we noticed was that, with a calmer boy, the rest of the household could deal with him in a calmer way and we found the stress level in the house gradually reducing.

One year on, he continues to improve. He has joined 3 clubs at school - something that he was never keen to do in the past (his hand-eye coordination is now good enough for him to take part in activities like tennis and table tennis without getting frustrated). He now enjoys team games such as football and his last school report was the best that he has ever had. He has more energy, needs less sleep and he is much more organised and responsible for himself. 

He still has a way to go but we have tried a number of approaches and the HANDLE program has helped him to make real progress, and made all of our lives that bit easier and happier. Thank-you!

- Parent (Welwyn) -