The calm atmosphere and skilled attention at The Penn Clinic

I have been visiting the Penn Clinic for years and have always been amazed at how quickly and gently they work to put things right for me. I used to go to traditional osteopaths and found that an adjustment would only work for a short time or I would need multiple adjustments to get the situation stabilised. Now I only go once or twice every few years!

Today I came flying into the clinic, late stressed and in a rush and I walked into a room completely full of peace and calm. I immediately slowed down and felt calmer myself. What was happening? Caroline Penn was doing everything she could to put a young child at ease including working with him in the waiting room with his family there. She had such great natural rapport with them that there was a pool of calmness all around them. Caroline really connected with everyone, the parent, child and sibling, so they all felt included and able to be a part of the treatment. It was a real pleasure to watch someone who is so skilled on so many levels.

It was the first time I'd seen Caroline Penn at work and I went straight to my sister and recommended her for her kids!

- Professional (Stevenage) -