The Advertising Standards Authority

Since 2012 the information that osteopaths can give the public on websites has been regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority.   Objective claims (which includes statements written by patients in testimonials) that we work with medically named conditions, from colic to whiplash, the Advertising Standards Authority states, must be backed by "robust scientific evidence, such as clinical trials conducted on people”. These trials require huge resources, taking many years to perform, involving hundreds of people and costing hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

We do not say, or even infer or imply, that we treat any of the conditions mentioned on this site and it should not be interpreted by readers to believe that we do. The list of medical conditions on the site does not imply or infer that osteopathic treatment is effective for them. The information on the site should not be interpreted by readers that we can alleviate effectively any condition, symptom, disease, injury, ailment or adverse condition. As already stated (see What is Osteopathy?), we do not treat conditions, rather we are concerned with that which has compromised health.  Hence, we offer for information only some of the names of conditions which patients have used when they come to see us, nothing more.  Further, to make this absolutely clear, all the conditions quoted on this website are for information only, to help people make their own investigations.  It should not be taken to imply or give the general impression that we can help with any of the conditions mentioned.

Some people choose to consult their osteopath because they prefer the osteopathic approach. Osteopathy can offer patients choice in their health care that is not readily available within the conventional system.