Unique classes aimed to restore mobility, gain strength and rehabilitate injury. Working with a leading fitness instructor alongside our osteopathy team.

It's no secret that osteopathy can reduce pain and get you back to what you love doing quickly but it is always a frustration of the team  when people come back with the same old thing months of even years later. We often look at their body and think "if we could keep them moving a little better and get those muscles a bit stronger then they wouldn't be here". 

It's been a long term ambition of Alex's to offer something that is safe, effective and personally tailored to the individuals needs. These classes are not just "fitness classes" but classes perfectly suited to the person(s) attending and tailor made to compliment their osteopathy and keep them out of pain in the long term


We have several classes at the clinic

Tuesdays (9:30) & Fridays (10:00)

The Mother-kind Method

From the 26th of April, Penn Clinic will be holding post-natal return to fitness classes in collaboration with Sinead Dineen - Personal Trainer. The Mother-kind Method, which is designed to help new mothers return to fitness by giving them support and guidance.

Over six weeks, the program will focus on restoring the stability we can lose during pregnancy and rebuild the muscles that become tightened and weakened by our growing bodies. Once we reinforce the foundations of stability, we will target strength and functionality by rebuilding the entire group of core muscles with a heavy focus on pelvic floor endurance. The aim of this program is to provide women with the first steps to getting back on track with their health and fitness goals. We will help you to build up your confidence to return to your pre pregnancy workout routines.


This program is not just exclusive to recently new mothers, if you have struggled to return to fitness after having a baby, these classes are for you. It also goes without saying babies are welcome.

The classes are available from Tuesday 26th April at 09.30am or Friday 29th April at 10.00am on a six week basis

Babies are of course welcome!

Mondays (2:30)  Back2Health 

Back pain or stiffness? Work with Ana and our team to improve your strength and mobility and say goodbye to your back pain. This class will focus on integrating the low back with your core and legs - aligning you and helping you move more efficiently

Wednesdays (12:45) Upper Body Balance

Neck pain? Sore shoulder? Then this is the class that focuses on calming those areas down and restoring function as well as optimising recruitment of the core which is so crucial to helping that upper body switch off a little.



Ana Rodriguez is a Physical and Mental Fitness Advocator.

She has been in the Fitness Industry for 10 years, having worked previously for 17 years in Family Support. 

She loves working with people of all ages and backgrounds which is reflected in the classes that she teaches: from Combat, Yoga, Pilates and Dance to Zumbini (babies) and classes for older adults and adults that require chair based exercise.

Ana was voted Best Fitness Instructor in Herts & Beds in 2019 in the Muddy Stilettos Awards.