Sports Massage has an overall aim of treatment to help enhance the athlete's performance at whatever level the sports person has reached. This can be achieved by helping to prevent injury, to identify potential overuse injuries, improve the athlete's self awareness and to help increase flexibility.


If you are a sports performer at any level, a targeted sports massage can be beneficial at various stages when competing in sports events. For example:

● The conditioning / training phase
● Pre competition
● Inter competition
● Post competition
● Post travel
● Injury prevention
● Injury recovery

Regardless of your experiences in sport or exercise, whether you exercise socially or compete at an international level; sports massage may have something to offer you.

Lara is our resident osteopath come sports massage therapist and will be happy to see you at the clinic. She has a l​evel 3 diploma in sports massage therapy and has previously worked as a sports massage therapist.

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