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Alex Corser and Rebecca Wangi offer feeding support from the clinic. 

Alex Corser is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultan - the gold standard qualification for infant feeding support. She has experience supporting people who are breast/chest feeding from all sorts of backgrounds. Whether this is looking at a latch, assessing for a tongue tie (division not offered), or managing blocked ducts and supply issues. 

These consultations include; observing a full feed, with adjustments made to latch, comfort, position, and feed efficiency. Alex will help you understand your baby’s feeding needs and what is appropriate for each stage or age of feeding -  whether this is breast, chest or bottle feeding.  We will collaborate together to come up with the best strategy for you, your child and your family's feeding needs.


As a specialist paediatric osteopath and women's health practitioner Alex is also able screen for allergies or other health concerns and advise on these accordingly during these sessions

Rebecca Wangi is an infant feeding coach and mum of 3! She combines her knowledge as a paediatric osteopath with this know-how to offer latching and feeding assessments and support from the clinic. She is able to support both mum and baby to find a feeding strategy that works for the family unit. 


Here are some of the reasons why people seek lactation help:

●  Weight gain concerns

●  Painful feeding

●  Supply problems

●  Tongue Tie

●  Reflux / Colic

●  Support for Children with Allergies 

●  Sleep issues 

●  Pumping Concerns 

●  Feeding Multiples

●  Adoptive Parents

●  Milk Storage Concerns 

●  Frequent Infections


Intial Consultation (90 mins) £95

Follow Up Consultation (60 mins) £65


The Penn Clinic


"Having breastfed my own son through tongue tie, oversupply and a few hospital stays I understand the difficulties around feeding your baby on a personal level. I combine this with my 10 years of experience treating infants as an osteopath as well as my women's health knowledge to offer you well-rounded, realistic advice that works for your entire family structure and personal circumstances."

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