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Our specialist paediatric osteopaths' treat babies, children and young people, typically using a mix of very gentle techniques, advice and (in older children) exercises to do at home. 


We don’t use any single approach, we provide treatment that’s individually suited to the child.  In young patients, the methods used are  very gentle.

Free appointment for all babies under 2 weeks 

Services offered: 

● Advice on feeding and sleep
● Latch assessments 
● Specialist paediatric exercise sessions
● Treatment for musculoskeletal conditions
● Treatment for children with complex needs
● Advice on the best management for plagiocephally
● Support and treatment of unsettled infants

● Lactation Consultations

● Tongue tie assessments (division not offered)


Muscular tensions can impact on babies in many different ways, such as discomfort in the feeding position, favouring turning their head one way when sleeping and difficulties with relaxing. Very gentle osteopathic techniques can help to improve this. Combining this with our specialist knowledge to give you advice and support means that most people see a happier calmer baby very quickly.

We offer a FREE baby check for any baby booked in to see us that is under 2 weeks of age.

If feeding is problematic we also offer lactation consultations with our in-house internal board certified lactation consultant - Alex Corser or Rebecca Wangi


We see many children presenting with a wide range of common childhood conditions, as well as those with more complex needs and children with congenital syndromes requiring multi-faceted care.


Depending on the issue, we may suggest exercises to practice at home in addition to returning for follow-up treatments with one of our specialist paediatric osteopaths'. We’ll always refer you to your GP if we feel that’s a more appropriate course of action.


We have a small outreach clinic that offers a none-profit appointment for children. Find out more here

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Specialist Paediatric Osteopath Appointments:

New Patient - £50

Follow Up - £45

Under 2 weeks - Free of Charge 1st appointment 

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