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Wonky Noggin? Plagiocephaly and how to fix it!

Plagiocephaly is something we see an awful lot of at The Penn Clinic. Our osteopaths are able to combine our clinical skills with at home advice to get this condition better quickly. Take a look at our "at home care plan" below to see what we recommend parents do between appointments to get their child's head shape improving quickly...


What is plagiocephaly?

Plagiocephaly is when the infant has lay on one side of their head frequently. This limits the growth of the bone they are lying on meaning that their head shape becomes asymmetric as the other bones of the skull grow more rapidly.

Does it cause any damage to them?

No! It is more a cosmetic issue. Some out dated research linked plagiocephaly to delayed development but this has since been discredited. There is some limited research that says children with plagiocephaly may be more likely to suffer from ear infections or astigmatism.

Will they grow out of it?

Most plagiocephaly will improve as the child starts to sit. However, this is typically not until around 6 months of age. The head is growing rapidly before this point and then slows down. Best improvements are made in this inital phase of rapid growth therefore to get the best outcome we would advise not waiting until your child is 6 months.

Did I cause this?

No! Typically the torticollis (stiff neck) we find present in most cases of plagiocephaly has been present from birth and therefore it is not due to how you lay your baby down or held them. There is evidence to support that the torticollis most likely was caused by pressure in utero (in the womb).

I'm worried my baby has this but I'm not sure - how can I tell?

Just give one of the team a call. We can guide you over the phone how to check this. If your baby is under 2 weeks of age then we offer a free baby check and can discuss any concerns you have face to face.

Alex Corser D.O M.Ost PgCert SPOP IBCLC

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